MGBS-P-L1HE-AP-U-R-SA-161558 Khóa an toàn Euchner

Tổng quan về MGBS-P-L1HE-AP-U-R-SA-161558 Khóa an toàn Euchner

  • Mô-đun khóa với mô-đun tay cầm
  • thích hợp cho cửa có bản lề bên phải
  • Giám sát ngắn mạch
  • 2 đầu ra an toàn (đầu ra bán dẫn)
  • Lên đến loại 4 / PL e theo EN ISO 13849-1
  • Với đầu nối M12
  • bảng mã Unicode
  • Đầu ra giám sát vị trí cửa
  • bao gồm nhả thoát hiểm và tay nắm cửa bên trong

Thông số kỹ thuật MGBS-P-L1HE-AP-U-R-SA-161558 Khóa an toàn Euchner



Repeat accuracy R  
according to EN 60947-5-2 10 %

Electrical connection values

external (operating voltage UB) 0.25 ... 8 A
external (solenoid operating voltage IMP) 0.5 ... 8 A
Power consumption 6 W
Rated insulation voltage Ui 50 V
Rated impulse withstand voltage Uimp 0.5 kV
Operating voltage DC  
UUB 24 V DC -15% ... +15% reverse polarity protected, regulated, residual ripple<5%, PELV
EMC protection requirements Acc. to EN IEC 60947-5-3
Utilization category  
DC-13 24 V 150 mA 
Solenoid operating voltage DC  
UIMP 24 V DC -15% ... +10% reverse polarity protected, regulated, residual ripple<5%, PELV
Solenoid duty cycle 100 %
Switching load  
according to UL 24V DC, Class 2 
Safety class  
EN IEC 61140 III
Current consumption  
IIMP 400 mA
IUB 40 mA
Test pulse duration max. 0.3 ms 
Test pulse interval min. 100 ms
Degree of contamination (external, according to EN 60947-1) 3
  Monitoring output OD, OI
Output type p-switching, short circuit-proof
Output voltage 0.8xUB ... UB V DC
Switching current 1 ... 50 mA
  Safety outputs FO1A / FO1B
Output type 2 semiconductor outputs, p-switching, short circuit-proof
Output voltage  
HIGH U(FO1A) / U(FO1B) UB-1.5 ... UB V DC
LOW U(FO1A) / U(FO1B) 0 ... 1 V DC
Discrepancy time  
both safety outputs max. 10 ms Acc. to EN IEC 60947-5-3
Turn-on time max. 400 ms
Off-state current Ir max. 0.25 mA
Switching current  
per safety output FO1A / FO1B 1 ... 150 mA

Mechanical values and environment

Approach speed max. 20 m/min
Connection type 1 plug connector M12, 8-pin
Extraction force 20 N
Ready delay max. 1 s
Actuating force 10 N
Installation orientation Door hinge DIN right
Switching frequency max. 0.5 Hz
Mechanical life 1 x 10⁶
Overtravel 5 mm
Retention force 20 N
Shock and vibration resistance Acc. to EN IEC 60947-5-3
Degree of protection IP67/IP69/IP69K 
Ambient temperature  
at UB = 24 V DC -20 ... +55 °C
Switch head cover Die-cast zinc
Switch bracket Die-cast zinc
Safety switch housing Reinforced thermoplastic
Locking force Fmax 3900 N
Locking force FZh 3000 N 
Guard locking principle Closed-circuit current principle

Characteristic values according to EN ISO 13849-1 and EN IEC 62061

Mission time 20 y
Category 4
Performance Level PL e
PFHD 4.1 x 10 -9


The following applies to the approval according to UL Operation only with UL Class 2 power supply or equivalent measures; see operating instructions
Additional feature Escape release actuated by pushing

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